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In the world of food and nutrition, Accredited Practising Dietitians are the experts. Some people think that dietitians can only help with weight loss, but this is simply not the case! Dietitians work with people of all ages, abilities and stages of health. Dietetic therapies can enhance overall wellbeing and increase independence, capacity for learning, and social inclusion.

At The Innovative Dietitian we are a registered NDIS provider, have extensive experience with a range of conditions, and have a special understanding when it comes to people living with disability. Our team of highly skilled dietitians understand that every individual has different needs, goals and preferences. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and support through a holistic and person-centred approach. We help participants and their support people to build skills, knowledge and independence around planning, shopping for, and preparing food to meet nutrition and wellbeing goals.

What our Dietitians can help with:

  • Weight management (overweight or underweight)
  • Growth concerns in infants and children
  • Gastrointestinal upset (e.g. bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation)
  • Picky or fussy eating
  • Enteral feeding (e.g. PEG feeds)
  • Texture modified diets
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Improving physical and mental health through food
  • Nutrition support post illness, injury or surgery (e.g. poor wound healing)
  • Food intolerances/allergies, low FODMAP diet and chemical sensitivities
  • Medical conditions including: diabetes, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal diseases, liver disease, kidney disease, post stroke and more!

What therapies our Dietitians can provide: 

  • Tailored education on medical conditions and nutrition to participants and support people
  • Support for fussy/picky eating to reduce the risk of malnutrition or nutritional deficiencies
  • Creating structured meal plans, meal guides or simple 'swap' ideas
  • Training in food label reading
  • Supermarket tours with product advice
  • Education and training in meal planning, budgeting and cooking skill development
  • Training on implementing a texture modified diet
  • Mealtime management plan - nutritional component
  • Management of enteral nutrition regimes (e.g. PEG feeding)
  • Guidance with menus and meal planning for group homes
  • Exploring assistive technology to make healthy eating easier and/or safer

We also have a variety of group sessions where participants can learn about nutrition whilst socialising and developing skills.

Group Activities

We also have dietitians who are personal trainers with numerous years of fitness experience. They are able to cater to individual needs and offer a mobile service.

PT Services

We can offer assistance to NDIA, plan and self managed participants, and the following categories:

  • Capacity Building: Improved health and wellbeing
  • Capacity Building: Improved daily living
  • Core Support: Assistance with daily life (when other categories are exhusted)

Services can be provided at home, in our offices, in community settings or online via telehealth.

One-off Services

If you are looking for a simple service, we offer the following to be booked with our team.


Choose a Package

We are able to work with you for reasonable and necessary or alternate arrangements if the below convenient plans are not in line with your needs. Please contact our team and arrange a discussion.

Package 2

For a basic clincial report with recommendations for ongoing therapy.
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  • Needs and risk assessments
  • Dietetic consultation and assessment
  • Clinical dietetic report
  • Meeting both main and back-up Dietitian
  • Consulting other supports, family members, reports etc. with permission
  • Recommendations for ongoing therapy
    1-1.5 hour consultation incl. risk assessment (2 practitioners)

    2 weeks to prepare clinical report (this report is not suitable for NDIS plan review) 

Package 3

Best for when immediate therapy is needed.

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  • Needs and risk assessments
  • Dietetic consultation and assessment
  • Meeting both main and back-up Dietitian
    Recommendations for ongoing therapy
1 hour consultation incl. risk assessment (2 practitioners)

2 weeks to provide ongoing therapy recommendations via email (this is not a report) 

Package 4

For a 1 week meal plan and 1 review consultation.
Get StartedContact us
  • Needs and risk assessments
  • Dietetic consultation and assessment
  • Meal plan (1 week)
    1 review consultation
  • Meeting both main and back-up Dietitian
  • Recommendations for ongoing therapy
2 hour consultation incl. risk assessment (2 practitioners)

6 weeks to provide meal plan

Ongoing Services

After your initial service agreement is complete, sign up for an ongoing service agreement to continue tailored therapies including additional reports. All ongoing appointments charged hourly as per the rate in the NDIS price guide ($193.99/hr) and to schedule agreed in an ongoing service agreement.

Your needs determine our services

Price: As per the NDIS price guide. We are TTP registered.
Duration: Negotiable according to plan and goals