Personal Training Services

Courtney Kluge

BNutDiet Flinders University, APD, Cert III & IV in Fitness

Rachel Woodhouse

BNutDiet Flinders University, APD, Provisional Sports Dietitian, Cert III & IV in Fitness

Our personal trainers/dietitians, Rachel and Courtney, have numerous years of fitness experience and are able to cater to your specific needs. They're all about making exercise convenient, fun and non-intimidating. They offer a mobile service to make fitness accessible to you.

Personal training services can include: 

  • One on one personal training (in the gym, park or at your own home) 
  • Diet plan to assit your fitness journey
  • Strength training and muscle building
  • Cardio and aerobic fitness
  • Sport specific training
  • Improved flexibility
  • Training for improved functional movements


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