We Value Your Feedback

A message from our director - Fiona Clarke:

We are proud to be a registered NDIS provider. Learn how we go above and beyond for our clients to improve all aspects of day-to-day lifestyles. At The Innovative Dietitian, our diverse team aims to provide a range of services using a holistic approach, and tailored to your individual needs.

The importance of providing feedback or making a complaint

When we receive feedback or a complaint, it helps not just us but everyone we support. We can then improve, making a better environment for all. Everyday we learn new things and we want to keep learning so we can be the best part of ourselves and deliver the same to everyone we support. Your safety is important to our team at The Innovative Dietitian. Because of this, we work hard to deliver safe services to you.

It’s OK to complain!

As an NDIS Provider, we must follow rules and guidelines tailored to making everyone safe - including you, our team and the community. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly. Sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes people make mistakes or treat other people badly. We call these things 'incidents'.

We want everyone involved with The Innovative Dietitian to feel safe and welcome. If you feel unsafe, you can tell our team and we promise to listen. If you are involved in an incident, you have the right to know what went wrong and what is being done to make it right. If you don't get these answers, you have the right to complain. If you are unhappy with our complaints process, you have the right to get help. The NDIS Commission can help. An advocate can help too, by speaking for you.

What do we do with your feedback or complaints?

We follow NDIS rules if an incident happens.
1. We must tell the NDIS Commission.
2. We must investigate the incident.
3. We must do something so that the incident doesn't happen again.
4. We must talk about all this with the person who was hurt.

We must follow these rules if someone gets hurt, if someone says they have been hurt, or if staff treat NDIS participants badly. If you don't feel safe to talk with our staff, then tell someone else. You can talk with your family and friends, or an advocate. You should complain to the NDIS Commission - they make the rules and help participants when people break the rules.

We take your feedback and complaints very seriously. We want to make sure that there is a happy result after everything we do. We appreciate all kinds of feedback or complaints.

How do you feel about our service?

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More ways to submit your complaint

You can contact the NDIS Commission


Phone: 1800 035 544

TTY: 133 677

Interpreters can be arranged.

NDIS WebsiteNDIS Commission

Advocates can help you complain

The National Disability Advocacy Program can help you work with an advocate.

Email them at: disabilityadvocacy@dss.gov.au

Or write to: Disability, Employment and Carers Group, Department of Social Services, GPO Box 9820, Canberra ACT 2601
Or search "disability advocate" online.

Commonwealth Ombudsman