NAIDOC Week 2020

Because we want to celebrate Aboriginal lives in NAIDOC Week, at The Innovative Dietitian we support Indigenous Aboriginal peoples in their health and wellbeing through connection to food and connection to country. We aspire to contribute to good practice in making it easier to solve healthy life choices for all.

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Aboriginal food is as diverse as it is nutritious; have a look at the above plate. Did you know that everything here derives in some way from the natural diversity of Australian flora and fauna? For instance, there’s emu pie, kangaroo tail, bush fig jam, and green ant butter. This photo was taken at an Aboriginal cultural awareness training event we hosted for our workplace earlier this year. During the event, we learned about the importance of Aboriginal heritage in Australia and as part of that, the unique aspects of Aboriginal food.

Let’s celebrate Aboriginal food and culture. Happy NAIDOC week!

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