NDIS Accommodation & Housing

In 2017, The Advertiser's Lynn Cameron wrote an article about the state of affairs in regard to accommodation and housing for people with disabilities. The article (minus the videos) is still available on the publisher's website and does a good job at explaining how accommodation and housing has traditionally been provided, it's problems, and how the NDIS brings some much welcomed innovation. The NDIS is advocating that people with disabilities should be given choice and control around where they live, and with whom. For instance, thousands of young people with disabilities across Australia are currently living in aged care facilities; the NDIS aims to give them better options and put individuals at the centre of all the planning for their future.

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NDIS Housing Market Report

In 2017, PwC and the Summer Foundation released a report into a new housing market for people with disability. The report describes their vision for the future where people with disability have a genuine choice over where they live, who they live with and how they are supported. Through NDIS' Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) market, Australia is turning away from segregated and institutional disability housing and towards genuine choice and community inclusion. Intending to be the scaffolding around which this market matures, the report aims to assist the market's growth by articulating a comprehensive vision and framework for the SDA.

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Introducing Emily Korir

Emily Korir, CEO of BET Group, a provider of housing and support services for people living with disability, is a leading advocate of NDIS Accommodation Supports. When Korir had a stroke in 2016 and was told she would never walk, talk, read, or write again, her family supported her rehabilitation at Hampstead, but when it was time to come home, she could not find an accessible house to come home to. Primed with a new drive and vision to build classy, accessible, and stylish homes, Korir now leads a team of 200 doing just that, while also providing welcoming and inclusive communities where participants receive top notch care. At The Innovative Dietitian, we've partnered with BET Group to raise to the next level the support services that we can provide to NDIS participants.

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