Kelsey Miller


MNutDiet Flinders University, APD

Kelsey is passionate about helping others, using a client-centred approach, and working together with her clients to achieve their goals. Kelsey has developed her Dietetic knowledge and skills through experiences across regional and metro South Australia while on her Community, Food Service and Clinical Dietetic placements. Kelsey graduated from a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2023.

Kelsey understands that every person is unique, therefore each Dietetic consult needs to be individualised to the client. Kelsey has a strong belief that there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, but that educating on nutrition and healthier food options is most important in improving health outcomes. Kelsey has an interest in Sports Nutrition, having played multiple sports growing up and understanding how food is very important to fuelling performance. 

In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys finding new places to eat, going for walks, playing sports and spending quality time with family and friends, including her family dog (Leroy). She also loves to cook, and finding unique ways to incorporate different foods into her meals. However, since a young age, her favourite food is peanut butter and banana on toast. 

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