Charmmy Cheng

Principal Dietitian

MND Flinders University, BSc (Human Nutrition) Ulster University, B.Des Griffith University, Certified FODMAP Practitioner
Provider No. 5940701W
0405 774 641
(08) 8366 6583

Charmmy is an enthusiastic dietitian with a wide range of skills. She is originally from Hong Kong and came to Australia in 2014. She was a cooking instructor and specialised in bakery and Asian cuisines. She has always held a strong interest in healthy cooking and curious about the health benefits of different foods, her passion in cooking and food aroused her interest in studying nutrition and to be an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

Charmmy studied Graphic Design, Human Nutrition and completed her Master degree of Nutrition and Dietetics in Adelaide. Living in different countries for years such as Hong Kong, UK and Australia gives Charmmy good food knowledge. She is good at meal planning, diet modifications, and texture modifications. Charmmy has interest in investigating different cooking techniques and equipment to fulfil our clients’ special needs.

Charmmy offered her passion for food and cooking, and skills in graphic design to work with our team. She believes that there is no food that you should avoid but it is all about how much you should eat. She encourages people to enjoy a good variety of food in their diet and discover great food around their life. By combining Charmmy’s professional cooking skills and use of food technologies, she always amazed her clients that healthy food can be so delicious and looks amazing.

Beside how much Charmmy loves healthy cooking, she is also a bunny lover, her bunny is called Pringle. Charmmy believes work life balance plays an significant role in a healthy lifestyle. She loves to spend time with Pringle in the backyard and play hide and seek. Little Pringle enjoys his time in the backyard with the unlimited greens and fruits, he is living the best life that Charmmy always wants to live.

“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.” - Helen Keller
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