What food is being celebrated?

January 23rd - World Pie Day

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Don’t stop it, swap it!

Monthly Digest;

Yum Cha

Look at this beautiful plate of Yum Cha that one of our Dietitians created. It looks delicious! They have included lots of vegetables as well as prawns. The biggest difference to the calories is in the way the yum cha are cooked. Always go for steamed, poached or boiled options or , as in this example, air fried.

Our Staff at The Innovative Dietitian

Ellora Jaffer

I love to assist individuals and families with their therapy and NDIS Journeys. I have a range of experience in a customer service background from being a cashier/sales to event work such as hosting events and even being an elf during Christmas season. I would describe my career goals as wanting to be on both sides of the bench as a consumer and provider. I started my professional NDIS journey as a domestic assistant for two years before joining the Innovative Dietitian due to my drive to give back to NDIS and others in the community. I have personal experience with ASD, anxiety and the NDIS as her children have access.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and pets. I love Disney, Marvel and Nutella/Chocolate within moderation. My passions include reading, writing, listening to music, puzzles and being active.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney

Our Clients

Recipe of the month

This Month's TOP STORY

Cooking; a mindful art.

Preparing a meal with our minds fully in the experience is now being suggested as a part of our good mental health. It starts from the minute you are planning the meal. This is the point where you engage with the multisensory aspects of food. You then can become more in tune with yourself, your likes and dislikes. As you cook, your mind and body now work in tandem. When you have completed the meal , the food is the end result of a mindful moment. Perhaps we have learnt a little more patience or just given ourselves a little more time just to ‘be’. Isn’t that mindfulness?


History of Aboriginal people;


There are many people in the region who identify as Bungandidj today. Descendants of the Bungandidj and Meitangk continue to nurture and protect their culture through the Kungari Aboriginal Cultural Association based in Kingston SE.

At The Innovative Dietitian we offer a range of Dietitian Services including assisting with medical conditions, cooking in the home and providing assistive technology. We cater for NDIS/Medicare clients as well as private health clients.

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